Friday, January 13, 2012

Precious's Urn

Precious's Urn
Today marks a month since Precious passed away.  We miss her very much.  Since we live in the city we had her cremated and placed in a nice urn.  The urn sits on our fireplace hearth near a spot she used to lay.   Precious may be gone but she has a permanent place in our hearts. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ten Months

'easter 2008 - winter starts again - Ostern 2008 - Wintereinbruch' photo (c) 2008, Michael Bertulat - license: has been ten months since Erica passed away.  Thinking about Erica the other day I had a strange realization.  This time last year, my sister only had two months left to live.  Of course she had NO idea that her life would be over in the coming months.  This prompted me to reflect on my life and the path that I'm on.  We never know when we might be living out our last two months of life.  I guess that's where the saying "life happens when we are busy making plans" comes into play.  The plans we make today may never happen if death comes our way.

Ten months of grieving Erica has forced me to be realistic about life.  I no longer live in my "everything will be fine" world.  The jolt of Erica's death was a wake up call for me.  When it comes to life, there are no second chances.  When your time is up, the game is over.