Friday, May 11, 2012

Erica Awarded a Posthumous Degree

'Graduation Hat' photo (c) 2007, Korean Resource Center 민족학교 - license: were many things my mother had to attend to when Erica passed away.  One thing my mom pursued was getting Erica awarded a posthumous degree.  Erica was working full time and going back to school to obtain her Bachelor's degree in Nursing.  When Erica passed away she was one semester away from graduating with her degree.  My mom's persistence paid off and tonight she will have the honor of accepting Erica's posthumous degree from Oklahoma City Community College

I sometimes wonder how my sister did it.  She was a single mom working a full time job and she still found the time to pursue her education.  This degree is a reminder to her daughter's that Erica sacrificed a lot to pursue her goal of obtaining a degree to help give them a better life.  I want to thank my mom for pursing this.  The posthumous degree is a wonderful tribute to honor Erica.