Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Unseen Wounds

Bluey's new bandage from the cat attackphoto © 2009 Adria Richards | more info (via: Wylio)When someone is injured or hurt there is usually visible signs.  A bandage signifies a cut, crutches for a hurt leg, and a cast for a broken arm, all of these are visible signs of a wound.  Grief is different, the unseen wounds we walk around with go unnoticed but are just as painful.  I believe it is easy for people to forget that someone is grieving because of these unseen wounds.  We look fine and we have no obvious signs of hurt therefore we must be fine.  This couldn't be further from the truth. 

I hope that others realize that my nieces wounds may not show for years to come.  The wounds of losing their mother may compound over time or new wounds open as they age and miss their mother.  Their unseen wounds may affect them in many different ways.  They will need the love and support of their family and friends for years to come.

Everyday we encounter others with unseen wounds.   It's easy to tell when someone stops using cruthes, gets their cast off, or removes a bandage, you can tell they are healed.  Just remember that the wounds of grief may go unseen.

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  1. How true your blog is today. The strange thing is that some people assume that after 4 short months we should be doing fine. The truth is the permanent wounds and hurts are not visable but are still there. The shock and numbness are gone and the daily pain of dealing with our loss is there. I had lost many loved ones in my life including a 17 year old cousin, 27 year old cousin, and my 66 year old father -- all of these were very painful and yet nothing compares to the loss of your own child and the pain of watching your grandchildren without their loving mother.