Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still NO Report

'Storm Clouds' photo (c) 2008, Tal Atlas - license: has been eight months since Erica passed away and the medical examiner's office is still not completed with their report.  We were told that all reports are finished within six months.  This has proven to be untrue.  It has really made me wonder how reliable the medical examiner's report will be. 

Again, there is a false reality that the medical examiner determines the cause of death before they release the body.  Nobody has told my family that Erica, for sure, died from an allergic reaction to medication.  The media knew the cause of death for Austin Box within a couple of months, and he died after my Sister.  How can one case be released within two months and another case still open after eight.

Our family needs closure!  With the holidays coming up this is another cloud looming over our lives.  Grieving families shouldn't have to keep calling the medical examiner's office week after week.  No report after eight months is simply unacceptable! 

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  1. Andrea, I'm sorry that you and your family is having to go through that,
    it took the ME 9 1/2 months to let my nephew know what killed his wife who was 32 years old in her sleep. Not sure what you have to do if you aren't one of the "important ones". Prayers for you and your family.