Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Missing Moments

'Outdoor Flower Gardens' photo (c) 2010, likeaduck - license: last thing a young parent wants to think about is missing moments of their children's lives because of their unexpected death.  Unfortunately reality doesn't care if you don't want to think about this issue, it can still happen.  The subject of missing moments was on my mind all weekend.  Erica's youngest daughter had a memorable event this past weekend and it breaks my heart that Erica missed it.  Each time her daughter's have a birthday or participate in a special event I'm reminded of these missing moments.  It's hard to get past the fairy tale of happily ever after and accept the reality that life is unpredictable and you may not like the hand you're dealt.  Life is made from one moment to the next and it's up to us to make those moments count. 

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  1. Andrea: I'm so sorry I was so caught up in my own sorrow of losing my dad on October 11, 2011 that I didn't realize how much you were hurting too. I'm sorry we haven't kept in closer contact through the years. I hope we can do better. Aunt Nita