Sunday, March 8, 2015

Four Years

Another year passes and there are still times it doesn't feel real. I have moments when I pause and reflect on the fact that Erica is gone. There are situations I play back in my head and wish I could change. If only I had said this or done that, would things be different. What if other people who influenced Erica's life had made different choices, would it have made a difference.  Then I always come back to the reality that Erica is gone and that can't be changed. No matter how many times you wish things would have been different the reality is still the same. The reality that life is short and time continues on with or without us. If losing Erica has taught me anything it's to seize the day because you may not have tomorrow!

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  1. Four years to us has been long and very difficult -- Four years to her young children is a lifetime. Living with the memories of their mom is not what they would have chosen. Their sweet loving dedicated mother, our daughter, and sister continues to be missed.