Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Five Years


This year on the fifth anniversary of Erica's death I find myself thinking about my nieces. My mother is still living and her mother is still alive, so it's hard to know how my nieces feel about the loss of their mother. It's not easy to visit with them about it because they don't want to talk about it. I just hope with each passing year as our memories fade and Erica's voice grows faint in our minds, that they know how much their mother loved them. Her girls meant the world to her!


  1. Erica loved her girls and her life revolved around them. Everything she did she put her heart into. Erica we miss you!

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I just came here after looking at your profile. I am so sorry for you loss I cant imagine what you are going through as I have not lost a family member and have been very lucky in that.
    I lost a very very special friend last year who I actually never met face to face but worked with and talked to every day for 5 years. We both worked for the same company from our homes and we both have children with special needs. We also both had the same sense of humour and outlook on life. This week its a year since her passing and I find myself reflecting on our lives and crying because of the things we never got to share. We always had plans to meet up and I just assumed it would all fall into place but life doesn't always go the way we want.
    Sorry I don't mean to ramble off into my life I was just thinking about a neighbour from when I was quite young and she passed away leaving two very young daughters. Before she died she was able to get her daughters settled with her brother far away from her as she didnt want them to see her at the end. I was recently talking to my mum about her and mum told me that after she had died my mum sat down and wrote about her, all the things she had done to make her passing easier on the girls and her life. Twenty years later the girls came to visit mum and thanked her for the letter she sent them a couple of years after their mum died. They didnt read it at the time because they were too young to understand but now treasure those memories my mum was able to give them. Maybe this is something to think about for your sister, so her memories don't fade too much for the girls.
    Again I hope you don't mind me suggesting this as I am not talking from person experience but from my mothers idea which I thought at the time was so insightful of her. Hugs Aileen