Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last Gift

Butterflyphoto © 2010 SFAJane | more info (via: Wylio)This past Christmas my Sister bought me a Pandora butterfly bead for my bracelet.  Of all the beads on my bracelet that one means the most to me.  Through the years I can't remember any other present that meant as much.  She could have gone the easy route and got me a gift card, but she didn't.  My butterfly bead was the last gift my Sister gave to me.  Just like a butterfly, Erica's life was too brief.  The beauty is fleeting but touches our lives in a quiet way.  May the beauty of Erica's life live on with her family and friends everyday.

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  1. We miss the little things and the big things that we shared with Erica and most of all I miss the everyday interaction with her. She always had funny things that happened at work to share, the time she spent with her daughters, the list is endless. Erica had served as part of my memory bank for the last few years -- when I could not remember something I would call her -- people's names, details of events, Erica had great recall and memory of everything. I am lost without her.