Monday, March 5, 2012

I Still Wonder

'Wondering' photo (c) 2007, Feliciano Guimarães - license: don't think it will matter how many days, months, or years go by there will always be things that I still wonder about concerning Erica's death.  I still wonder about the circumstances in her life, and I wonder how if  different decisions had been made by the individuals who impacted her life maybe she would still be alive today.  It's long been said that with every action there is a reaction and with every action a consequence.  The thing is sometimes we fall victim to others actions or inaction.  I believe stress was a huge factor in my sister's death.  Some of this stress was brought on by her decisions but a lot of the stress she was under came from others.  This is why I still wonder if others had made different choices would my sister still be here today?     

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  1. Life is fragile - handle with prayer. These are the words that I try to remember daily. The time with our daughter, sister, and the mother of our granddaughters was too brief and her presence in our lives is greatly missed. As we are challenged with the loss of her in our lives we continue to pray for her daughters and our family and appreciate the many prayers on our behalf. Erica was a full-time student, worked a full-time stressful job, and mother to two wonderful and talented daughters. Her life was stressful and busy but she always was there to support her daughters in everything they were involved in. Words cannot express the emotional roller-coaster that we have experienced in the last twelve months -- life is fragile. Erica is greatly missed and her memories will live on in her daughters, family, and friends. October 10, 1976 - March 8, 2011