Thursday, June 28, 2012

Justifying Death

'Yellow summer flowers' photo (c) 2004, Blue moon in her eyes - license: continues to be a need inside me to justify my sister's death.  What was the reason?  We know the cause, anaphylaxis.  But the how and why continue to plague me.  Was it just her time?  Was God sparing her from something unpleasant in her future?  Justifying death is difficult.  Many questions come to mind when I think about Erica's death. Why would her throat swell shut with NO known cause?  Can stress really kill you?  If stress can kill you then somebody or something was the cause of my sister's death.  There has to be a reason.  So, I will continue to seek the reason for her death.  Justifying death is a process and the process continues.

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  1. This plagues me every day of my life -- how could this have happened? What should have been done to save her precious life? As her family is there something more we should have been aware of? Erica seemed happy, but we know she was stressed -- working fulltime, fulltime student, and a mother to two busy girls -- the WHY's continue to plague our thoughts.