Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Memories of Fireworks

'Sparklers!' photo (c) 2009, Derek Key - license: of fireworks and Erica have been on my mind today. When we were growing up our immediate and extended family used to gather for a Fourth of July celebration.  This usually included hot dogs and burgers on the grill, mom's homemade ice cream, and some chilled watermelon.   When the sun set the fireworks came out.  I was always a little afraid of getting burned by the fireworks.  Not Erica!  Erica loved to light the fireworks.  Sparklers, Black Cats, you name it, the louder the better.  Erica always enjoyed this holiday.  Now, it just seems empty without her.  My memories of fireworks include my sister and I'm missing her today. 


  1. Hi Andrea. When I came to your other blog to comment on your card, I saw this blog too. I am sorry that you lost your sister Erica. I know the pain that you are feeling. Three years ago we lost our youngest son, Ryan. He was 29, and he left behind children too. Having this blog is a good way to help express your pain and feelings that well up inside. I should have done the same. It's good that we share the love of stamping to keep our minds busy. Take care Andrea :)

    1. Hi Janna, Thank you for your sweet comments. I'm sorry for the loss of you son. Grief is a hard issue to work through. My blog has been a big help and the stamping is a wonderful therapy tool too.