Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pondering the Meaning of Life

'Pondering' photo (c) 2009, auntjojo - license: you ever ask yourself the question, what is the meaning of life? Over the last week with all the tragedy and heartache surrounding the theater massacre I find myself pondering the meaning of life. Here are some of my pondering thoughts:
  • Is there a purpose to our existence? 
  • What is that purpose?
  • When we fulfill our purpose is our time through? 
  • Why do some suffer horrible deaths and others go quietly into the beyond? 
  • How does a massacre fall into "God's plan?"
  • Are we supposed to learn something significant from these events?
As you can tell this isn't just a casual rambling but rather thought provoking questions. Is there a deeper meaning than what we see on the surface? The funny thing about pondering the meaning of life is there are no answers. There is just more questions.  Religion is based on faith and since I'm a religious person I should have faith. Faith that our existence has meaning. Faith that there is a reason. Faith in God.  The only thing about faith is it doesn't "give" you answers.  My personality seeks answers and therefore faith, and faith alone doesn't provide me with the answers I'm looking for.  So, I'm left pondering the meaning of life.

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  1. The questions and search for answers fill my mind on a daily basis. I hope I will have the opportunity one day to ask God -- some questions that continue to plague me. Life is a challenge and my thoughts and prayers are with all those experiencing grief.