Thursday, September 27, 2012

No Fairy Tale Ending

When Erica and I were kids we would play make-believe all the time. We would pretend we got married and had kids and lived happily ever after. We tried on our mother's wedding dress and took pictures and we would constantly wonder who we would marry when we grew up. We wanted our lives to have a fairy tale ending. The happily ever after that happens in children's books. This is where the false idea of marriage and family is introduced to young girls. Prince Charming doesn't just show up, kiss you, and you live happily ever after. Reality is much different! Sometimes that Prince turns out to be a toad and makes you miserable until you die.

There is several things that bother me about my sister's death but especially today on my fifteenth wedding anniversary. It bothers me that she never found her fairy tale ending. I hate it that she died single, a hard working mother, and at a hospital alone. I wanted her to find a man that would sacrifice for her and love her the way she deserved. I wanted to see the light in her eyes when she looked at the man she loved. I wanted her to be happy. Erica experienced No Fairy Tale Ending and she passed away before her happily ever after came true.

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  1. This really spoke to me, Andrea. My heart goes out to you, and I can feel your deep love for your sister. As I read your words.....these are the toughts that came directly into my mind.

    First of all, Erica did NOT die alone. The Bible tells us that God is with us ALWAYS. I trust that, most especially, when we are in a time of need (and our heart calls out for Him), that He is with us. So, I am CERTAIN that God, through the comfort of His Holy Spirit, was definitely with Erica. His Word says, "I will never leave you nor forsake you".
    The second thing that comes to my mind is when you said, "she didn't get her fairy tale ending". Again, please know that Erica DID get a fairy tale ending. The Bible tells us that Heaven is paved with streets of gold, and we receive a new body, and we live in mansions. That sounds like a fairy tale ending to me!

    And finally, the comment about Erica "not finding a man who would sacrifice for her and love her the way she deserves".....the Bible tells us clearly that Jesus, God in human flesh, came to this earth to pay the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE for us - because He loved us (and loved Erica) SO much, that He sacrificed His own life as payment for our sins to make a way for us to get to Heaven. So, not only was there a "man" who sacrificed for her, but He also loved her more than anyone else ever could.

    I'm not just "blowing fluff" for you to hear. These are solid promises of truth from God's Word, and I pray that they are a comfort to you, Andrea. Erica is in a wonderful place, and there really IS a happily ever after - it's for ALL ETERNITY.

    I really hope this comforts you. I honestly care about your feelings, and want you to know that Erica is just fine - and she was VERY fortunate to have a sister who loved her SO very much.

    Blessings to you,
    Karen L