Monday, September 24, 2012

Time Alone

'alone' photo (c) 2010, nfarmer - license: my days off I have a lot of time alone. Most of the time this is not a problem, however I have days when my time alone is spent thinking about my sister. Today while cooking dinner my mind drifted back to the day she died. I was doing the same thing, standing at my kitchen counter and preparing a meal. When my mother called and told me Erica was going to the emergency room, I never for one second thought she would die. I went about making dinner. Now, knowing the conclusion to the story, I wish I would have dropped to my knees to say a prayer. Just another regret!

My time alone reminds me that I'm still grieving Erica.

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  1. We all wish we had said lots of prayers -- I thought we would go to the hospital and the doctors would take care of her. What we needed was for the Lord to have helped her. I should have prayed for her also -- I now pray for our family and her children everyday.
    Dear God - give us all strength.