Thursday, May 5, 2011


Gradientphoto © 2010 Kevin Wasilin | more info (via: Wylio)There is no perfect time to die and we are not guaranteed tomorrow.  However the timing of Erica's death left so many things unfinished.  She had just reconnected with a friend and they were talking about a future together.  She had just moved out of our parent's house into a duplex on her own.  She was taking the steps to independence after her recovery from her divorce.  It was such a bright time for her future.  Then in the matter of an hour she was gone.  One life ended and life interrupted for family, friends, and colleagues.  Unfinished feelings remain in our heart in that space Erica left.

It is hard to realize sometimes just how many lives we touch.  I've heard people say that nobody would miss them if they were gone.  Those people fail to realize the impact their life has on others.  Each of us makes a difference is somebodies life.  Maybe it's your children, a friend, and a colleague going through a hard time that just looks forward to the smile you give them every day.  Erica made a difference.  Her absence has changed the path and plans of many people.  We wouldn't feel unfinished if her life didn't make a difference in our own lives.  Like a painting that goes unfinished, something just doesn't look or feel right.  That is how I feel about losing Erica, unfinished.      

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