Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Emotionally Sensitive

Passion Flowerphoto © 2010 Roger Green | more info (via: Wylio)It seems since I've been grieving Erica, my state of mind is emotionally sensitive.  My reactions to bad news, tragedy, and the deaths of people I don't even know are more extreme.  I find myself in tears more than usual.  My husband told me this weekend that I was one of the most compassionate people he knew.  I hope his definition of compassionate doesn't translate to emotionally sensitive, because there is a difference.

When we encounter others in our daily lives we are oblivious to the plight in their lives.  The first month after Erica passed I felt like I had the word "sad" tattooed on my head.  In my head I felt everyone was looking at me strangely.  I was in tears so much my husband considered getting me a tshirt that read: "My Sister Died, He's Not Beating Me."  My emotionally sensitive state had him a little embarrased.  Now the tears come and go but my heart and soul have been changed.  My compassion has been deepened and my vulnerabilities exposed. 

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