Monday, June 20, 2011

Keeping the Peace

peace and daisyphoto © 2007 thegoinggreenboutique | more info Most of my life I've been the one in the middle.  I may be the oldest sibling but it seems I'm always the one my family likes to unburden their problems to.  Well, keeping the peace is not an easy job.  There is no pay involved and it really doesn't feel like charity work.  The problems don't go away once you share them with me, but my ability to remain unbiased gets clouded.  I look and see situations from a position that may be none of my business.  I feel like some relationships with my family have been altered due to some burdens that I have been given.  I really don't remember applying for this job of keeping the peace.  Therefore I choose to learn from past mistakes and I am submitting my resignation.  Please give your burdens to the Lord so he may provide you with the guidance you seek.   

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