Friday, June 17, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Erica & Dad at 1994 FFA Banquet.
Within our family Erica was affectionately referred to as Daddy's Girl. If you called her this she would agree with you. Erica and Dad shared a lot of common interests. When it came to sports Erica was a better athlete than myself and she enjoyed watching sporting events with Dad.

When Erica was in high school she started showing sheep in FFA, Future Farmers of America. This provided Erica and Dad another activity to share together. They spent many hours taking care of Erica's sheep, attending sheep sales and shows and working on the project together. It was a lot of hard work but they enjoyed spending the time with each other.

Erica knew if she wanted something and she pushed hard enough Dad would give in.  We often teased that she had him wrapped around her little finger.  Whatever Erica wanted she eventually got.  She was Daddy's Girl.  We all miss my Sister, a piece of our family puzzle is gone.  This Sunday is Father's Day and I know it will never be the same for my Dad without my Sister.  They were lucky to share a special relationship. 

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