Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's Important

Big Benphoto © 2008 Moyan Brenn | more info (via: Wylio)
In our modern day society people and families are extremely busy.  Most Americans work a forty hour work week and many find themselves working a second job just to get by.  The impact and stress of our lifestyles is affecting our families.  When this happens it is easy to lose sight of what's important in our lives.  Losing Erica knocked me back to reality.  There was a time when my main focus was my career.  I sacrificed my family to corporate philosophy.  Now, I find myself childless and wishing I would have done things differently.  But again, I always thought I would have time later.  Well, later is here and time is no longer on my side.  My version of what's important has changed through the process of grieving Erica and reflecting on my life.  I just pray it's not too late.

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  1. I said a prayer for you today
    and I know God must have heard
    I felt the answer in my heart
    although He spoke no words
    I did not ask for wealth or fame
    I knew you would not mind
    I asked him to send treasures
    of a more lasing kind
    I asked that he be near you
    at the start of each new day
    To grant you health and blessings
    and friends to share your day
    I ask happiness for you
    in all things both great and small
    But for his loving care
    I prayed the most of all