Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thirty-Seven Nights

Blue Night Skyphoto © 2009 Flavio | more info (via: Wylio)It has been thirty-seven nights since Erica passed away.  The days are filled with work and responsibilities.  But when I stop moving and rest my head on the pillow, thoughts of Erica enter my mind.  Last night I was picturing the last time I saw her.  What she was wearing, the smile on her face, and where we were.  Naturally I start to cry.

Each week a little healing occurs.  But each night continues to be a struggle.  It's been said that time is a great healer.  I don't believe we are truly ever "healed" from a loss of a loved one.  I believe we may come to terms with it, accept it, and have faith that everything will be okay.  But some hurt will still be there. 

As each night passes I will grow a little stronger.  When the sun rises I will be grateful for what the day will bring.  Each of us are blessed we had Erica in our lives.  If only for a little while. 

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