Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Lesson Learned

Hearts (Explored!)photo © 2008 QThomas Bower | more info (via: Wylio)In my blog titled, The Nights are Hard, I mentioned how some lessons in life are learned the hard way.  I want to share with you one of the lessons I've learned through Erica's passing.  Shortly after Erica gave birth to her first daughter, Erica was diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve of the heart.  From that point forward Erica saw a Cardiologist every couple of years.  At some point in her life there was a possibility she would have to have the valve replaced.  She was having it monitored and her prognosis was good. 

My parents knew what the complications of her condition could be, and one was an aorta aneurysm.  Their worst nightmare became that they could lose Erica suddenly without warning.  I guess I was living in my positive, Erica will be fine world.  Because I didn't realize how severe it could be.  I figured at some point she would need heart surgery, but she could live to be fifty before that happened.  I never prepared myself that Erica could die suddenly.  Especially from something not heart related (as far as we know at this point). 

 It is safe to say that after Erica's diagnosis her approach to life changed.  She was more spontaneous and she lived for the here and now.  She did what she wanted to do.  I know she worried about dying at a young age.  This brings me to the lesson I've learned:

Sometimes we get so busy worrying about the things we can't change that we forget to focus on the things we can. 

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