Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Sneak Attack

rain on mephoto © 2010 Andreas Firyn | more info (via: Wylio)

One thing I've noticed as time goes bye, is that I will be having a pretty good day and then smack, something happens to trigger a memory and the tears start to roll.  I call this the sneak attack.  These sneak attacks happen out of the clear blue.  The other day I was shopping at Target and my day had been tear free.  I get to the checkout line and the girl at the registers name is Erica.  Something simple like a name tag made me shed a few tears.

When dealing with grief I've noticed that everyone handles things differently.  The sneak attacks that bother me may have no affect on someone else.  I think it goes back to the relationship and circumstances surrounding your loved ones passing.  The difference with these two components may make grieving easier or harder for each person connected to an individual who's passed away. 

There is no magic formula to keep the sneak attacks at bay.  I imagine with time they will happen less frequently however, I doubt that they will completely stop.  My solution has been to find something positive and redirect my thoughts.  This too shall pass and tomorrow is another day.

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