Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Order of Things

Tea Mountain: Pathphoto © 2007 Jakob Montrasio | more info (via: Wylio)
As the oldest sibling in my family there were certain things I expected to do first.  Get married, have children, the typical things girls think about.  Well, I should have told Erica.  She, being the middle child, also wanted to do things first, and she did.  She got married before me, had two children before me, and it seems, her last act of defiance was dying before me.  I can tell you there was a time when I harbored some resentment.  But now it seems petty and I see it from a different perspective.  She didn't take anything from me.  Her path was shorter than mine, so she got a head start.  If she had waited on me to have children we wouldn't have her two beautiful daughters.  So, things were as they were meant to be.  Each of us has a path to follow.  Erica followed her own path and made her mark on this world.  I miss you! 

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