Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Not Like Television

THE SPHERE WILL BRING YOU KNOWLEDGEphoto © 2008 Torley | more info (via: Wylio)
Television can give a false sense of reality when it comes to dealing with the medical examiner's office.  One of my favorite television shows is Castle.  Each episode is cleverly written and they always figure out what happened.  However, reality is quite different, it's not like television.  Erica's cause of death won't be "official" until sometime in June.  Now, if this were a crime drama, they would have this information within the first fifteen minutes of the show.  Reality bites! 

When you're trying to work on the accepting phase of grief one of the main ingredients is the why and how of the situation.  So, I find myself stuck.  I can accept that Erica's gone, although I don't like it one bit and I still wish it was a dream.  The why she's gone is still the question.  I like to think Erica's death will be easier to accept when all the questions are answered.  Until then, send up your prayers that our family will find peace.

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